CriticalLinc: It's here. It's now. Get going!

Southern Linc's long-anticipated 4G LTE Advanced CriticalLinc network is here, ready and waiting to provide you with entirely new levels of mission critical performance and reliability. In fact, it goes beyond reliable to offer everything the most demanding customers need to carry out their vital missions.

Reliability – and then some!

Reliability was the number one goal for the new CriticalLinc network. Redundant data centers in both Birmingham and Atlanta along with emergency power sources at tower sites assure that the network goes beyond reliable to true mission critical dependability. And that's the whole idea behind the new CriticalLinc network.

Of course, the network also provides over-the-air encryption from devices to towers and supports encryption from towers to the network's core data centers. The CriticalLinc network is also secured in lockstep with Southern Company IT security systems.

This level of redundancy and network security is unprecedented among wireless carriers. Users also benefit from the expertise of Southern Linc's LTE network management team. These resources deliver a highly reliable suite of LTE services that will support your company's essential digital applications.

Digitally manage your business with CriticalLinc

The mission critical LTE services of the CriticalLinc network can help your business in many ways, including reducing manual labor costs, improving operational compliance or controls, reducing risk, or streamlining mechanical processes. Robust new Linc PTT features also can keep your teams in touch and coordinated like never before.

Southern Linc's CriticalLinc LTE services feature an integrated approach to wireless communications. From the devices to the network and on to customer support, everything has been developed to work together effectively for you. This cohesive approach to wireless communications helps your business secure the exact wireless solutions it needs.

Get started!

With all these advantages, it makes sense to go beyond reliable right now and convert to the Southern Linc 4G LTE CriticalLinc network. To learn how, see the article below.

Converting is easy! Here's how.

Southern Linc is making it easy to convert your existing iDEN service to the new CriticalLinc 4G LTE Advanced network. As you may know from the materials sent to you previously, you can choose from three convenient methods:

  1. Contact your Southern Linc sales representative for conversion assistance.
    Your phone and service are ordered through your representative. The phone will be programmed and delivered to you. You can then customize it to meet your needs.

  2. Call Southern Linc Customer Solutions at 1-800-818-5462 to convert by phone.
    Your phone and service are ordered through Customer Solutions. Your cell number is transferred from iDEN to LTE, and the phone is sent to you. You then follow instructions to authenticate the phone on the CriticalLinc network.

  3. If you are a customer with nine or fewer lines, you can convert service online at
    Your phone and service are ordered online. Your cell number is transferred from iDEN to LTE, and the phone is sent to you. You then follow instructions to authenticate the phone on the CriticalLinc network.
Taking assistance on the road

As David Keith, Southern Linc's East Region Director of Business and Government Accounts puts it, "We want to serve our customers the way they want to be served. They can use any of the three main methods of conversion. The most efficient way to convert will probably be through Customer Solutions, but we'll also be holding special events throughout our service area to help our customers."

In all, Keith said there will be 37 scheduled events in local areas, and customers will be able to convert their service at any of these events, choosing the one that is most convenient for them. "These events will be operated from six staging centers throughout our service footprint," he said, "and we'll have a number of resources available for customers to convert their handsets. Each event will feature refreshments as well as a Rapid Access Mobile (RAM) center, which is, in effect, a fully stocked mobile call center on wheels."

Customers will be notified of the events by letter and text message, Keith added.

"If customers have issues with their online orders or with conversion from iDEN to LTE, we can help them get up and running," he said. "Also, of our dealer sales locations can be found through the store locator on, so customers can also get conversion assistance that way. We've tried to open up every possible method of service for our customers."

Help is just a click away

Any time a user needs assistance with conversion, phone setup or use, help is just a click away at the CriticalLinc Knowledge Center. Here you'll find a comprehensive range of tips and videos, from getting connected and using your phone to moving your contacts and using your iDEN and LTE phones at the same time. You'll also find complete information on the Sonim XP8 and XP5s handsets. This is a one-stop resource for complete information on the CriticalLinc network and how to make the most of it. Check it out.

Welcome to a higher standard in Push To Talk service.

Customers have always counted on Southern Linc for highly reliable Push To Talk (PTT) service. Now, the new CriticalLinc LTE network takes that service beyond reliable with your choice of Basic Linc PTT or High Performance Linc PTT. And that means you can look forward to a wide range of exciting new PTT features.

An industry first

Southern Linc is the first U.S. carrier to offer Motorola's public-sector-grade PTT service on a public LTE network. This remarkable service meets the mission critical specifications of 3GPP, the international standards body that creates technical specifications for cellular communications.

Your choice: Basic or High Performance

With the CriticalLinc network, you'll have a choice of Basic or High Performance MCPTT service. Both options offer new features that were not available before. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Basic Linc PTT:

One-to-one calls
  • Private MCPTT Calls: Enjoy one-to-one personal communications with the highest degree of privacy and reliability.
  • MCPTT Call Alert: Send an alert to another Linc PTT user requesting the pickup of a PTT call.
Group calls
  • MCPTT Calls to Enterprise Groups: Your company can create talk groups and "push" them to Linc PTT users affiliated with that talk group.
  • Group List: Monitor or scan up to 10 PTT talk groups at a time.
  • Talk Group Scan: Listen for and join in PTT conversations from any of the talk groups that are part of an active Group List.
  • Priority Group: Highlight a group from your active Group List, and it becomes your Priority Group.
  • MCPTT Calls to Personal Groups: You can create your own talk groups from users in your PTT Contacts list.
  • Broadcast Group Calls: Authorized users can make one-way group announcements that have priority over other PTT calls.
High Performance Linc PTT

In addition to all the features of Basic Linc PTT, the High Performance option offers an emergency function as well as additional exciting features soon to come (see article below)- all for just an additional $10 per line per month.

Emergency Alert and Emergency Call

Users can activate an emergency alert when the emergency button is pressed and held for three seconds. A loud siren sounds on the user's phone and the preselected emergency contact or group is placed in the blue PTT call box. When the user presses the PTT button, an emergency call is established.

Linc Map - coming in 2019

Linc Map is a feature that gives users the ability to see a user or a group of users assigned to a talk group on a map across the footprint. Fully operational in 2019, it's especially helpful if used in conjunction with Emergency Call, because it will display the precise location of the emergency. With a Sonim XP8, users can touch the map screen and establish a PTT call or send a PTT Message to an individual or group of users shown on the screen.

Linc Message - coming in 2019

Think of Linc Message as a text message working within the world of PTT. This feature allows users to send text messages with pictures, video and voice recordings via MCPTT without leaving the Linc PTT application. It's a great way to share information with a unique list of people who are relevant to your PTT universe.

Hit the road with your new LTE device.

Thanks to the service footprint of Southern Linc's new CriticalLinc 4G LTE network and our partner coverage, using your phone on the road will be easy.

Nationwide VoLTE

VoLTE stands for voice over LTE. Technically, it's not a cellular phone call as most people know it, but it is the transmission of voice over the LTE network in the form of a phone call. Now Southern Linc users can make phone calls, send text messages, and receive or retrieve voicemails when traveling, wherever Southern Linc partners have coverage—within the 48 contiguous U.S. states, Hawaii and in Puerto Rico. For more coverage map information, visit Southern Linc's interactive coverage map.

Within a wireless coverage area, several factors may affect or interfere with your service, such as: network changes, traffic volume, service outages, obstructions, your equipment, weather and other conditions. Coverage may not be available everywhere. Coverage outside of the CriticalLinc Regional Service Area is subject to a roaming partner agreement.

Get your hands on the toughest phones going.

A mission critical network demands mission critical handsets. And that's what you'll get with the industrial-strength phones created by Sonim Technologies, makers of the most durable, most reliable phones in the industry. Sonim handsets are designed specifically for those working in demanding and hazardous conditions.

You'll have your choice of two remarkable handsets: The Sonim XP8 or the XP5s, both built to military specifications and backed by a remarkable three-year comprehensive warranty that covers not just manufacturing defects but accidental damage as well.

In short, the Sonim XP8 and XP5s are the toughest, most reliable phones that money can buy. Their stellar performance in punishing environments earned them their spot in the CriticalLinc LTE lineup. And check out just a few of their outstanding features:

  • Dedicated PTT button
  • XPand port
  • Programmable button (XP8)
  • Dedicated emergency button
  • Long-lasting multi-shift battery life
  • Extremely Loud & Clear Audio, with noise-cancelling technology
  • Large glove-friendly tactile buttons with wet-finger operation
  • Military-standard, industrial durability
  • Waterproof construction
  • User-friendly, intuitive controls

To learn more about mission critical phones for a mission critical network, visit the CriticalLinc Knowledge Center.

NEW! Silent Passenger Fleet Management System.

Southern Linc has introduced the Silent Passenger Fleet Management Solutions to users of the new CriticalLinc LTE mission critical network. This powerful enterprise software system uses GPS and wireless technology to enhance the management of both vehicles and drivers. It offers a wide range of advantages, including:

  • One integrated platform for public-sector organizations and businesses of all types, sizes and verticals
  • A low-cost, high-value cloud platform, central to effective cost management for fleet managers
  • A configurable solution to fit the unique needs of each client; just add desired modules without having to pay for unwanted add-ons
  • Third-party integration capability, allowing clients to leverage fleet management data with existing back-office systems to provide a holistic view of departmental or company operations
  • Industry-leading 36-month data archiving, providing long-term recordkeeping for fleet compliance

With the Silent Passenger system, the CriticalLinc network gives you new power to improve fleet management and increase efficiency while reducing operating costs-all at the same time.

Two service options

With two service options available, users can select the one that best suits their needs.

Silent Passenger Go

Silent Passenger Go (SP Go) is a web-based fleet management service offering the essentials in mobile resource management:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Detailed map
  • Speed and stop time alerts
  • Geofencing and landmark alerts
  • Real-time traffic w/ETAs
  • Detailed reporting
Silent Passenger Pro

Silent Passenger Pro (SP Pro) provides all of the SP Go features plus important additions:

  • SP Diagnostics: Vehicle diagnostics (in conjunction with GNX-6 hard-mount vehicle module)
  • Fleet performance dashboards
  • Vehicle maintenance module
  • Split-screen functionality
  • SP Safety: Fleet-configurable driver scorecards
  • SP Fuel: Fuel usage reporting via fuel card integration
  • SP Connect: Integration module (API)
Yet more options

Additional modules can be added to either the Silent Passenger Go or Silent Passenger Pro options.

SP Logbook:®

SP Logbook allows you to meet the requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Safety Administration and manages Hours of Service (HOS) for your fleet drivers.

SP Vehicle Inspection

Driver vehicle inspection reporting makes it easy to keep track of the inspection dates for all your assets.

SP Speed:™

Provides alerts and reporting for fleet vehicles traveling at speeds over posted limits or set MPH thresholds.

SP Fuel Management:

Achieve more efficient use of fuel through consumption tracking and real-time reporting of consumption and fuel purchases.

SP Driver Identification:

Helps your company prevent the unauthorized use of fleet vehicles.

SP Accessory Monitoring:

Several device options are configurable for your specific fleet needs.

SP Temperature Management:

Sensitive temperature probes can be installed in your vehicles to assure precise temperature control.

SP Routing:

Build and optimize routes for your fleet. This module lets you see jobs on a map and build routes for all your vehicles.

SP Quick View:®

Enhance customer relationships by providing them with the ability to temporarily access and share certain aspects of Silent Passenger.

Silent Passenger can bring entirely new levels of efficiency to your fleet operations. For complete information, contact Southern Linc at 1-866-480-LINC (5462) today.

Exciting service enhancements to come in 2019.

As if the enhanced performance and reliability of the new CriticalLinc network were not impressive enough, even more enhancements are coming in the near future. Here's a rundown.

Large Group Call under a single cell

When fully implemented, this feature will make it possible to place group calls involving literally hundreds and hundreds of people. This is especially important in emergency situations, when very large number of users are located in a certain area, such as a staging area.

Coverage enhancements

As the Southern Linc LTE network continues to grow and expand over time, users can expect significant improvement in coverage area, compared to current iDEN coverage.

Retirement of iDEN network

When the Southern Linc network is fully converted to LTE technology, the existing iDEN network will be retired, freeing up the entire bandwidth of spectrum. The result-data speeds will more than double. So speed, capacity and even the number of talk groups will increase because there's a bigger communications pipeline.

Southern Linc will be sure to keep you abreast of these and other exciting developments in the future. In the meantime, welcome to the new world of the CriticalLinc LTE Advanced network!