Wireless Priority Service Southern Linc provides Wireless Priority Service

Does your job depend on calls getting through?

In a critical situation, one of your most valuable resources is the ability to communicate. That's why it's smart to have Wireless Priority Service (WPS). It gives your call priority in times of high volume. This means that even when your network is congested, you'll have access to the next available wireless channel before the general public.

How do you use WPS?

Using WPS couldn't be more convenient. Just dial *272 before placing a call to get a quick, secure connection.

Who is eligible for the service?

Eligible WPS users are key federal, state and local government and critical industry personnel in leadership positions. To ensure that high-level messages receive prompt attention, WPS breaks subscribers into five levels of prioritization. Once you've placed your call with *272, you will receive priority over the general public in the following order:

  1. Executive Leadership and Policy Makers - those in high government positions. Examples include governors, mayors and county commissioner offices.
  2. Disaster Response/Military Command Control - those in charge of security and emergency response from the local to the federal level. Examples include federal and state emergency teams.
  3. Public Health, Safety and Law Enforcement Command - those in charge of protecting life and property, and who maintain law and order after an event. Examples include local and state police officers, local fire departments and emergency medical technicians.
  4. Public Service/Utilities and Public Welfare - those who manage public works, assess damage to utilities, manage their repairs and coordinate transportation for emergency response. Examples include Army Corps of Engineers, power, water, sewer, transportation and telecommunications departments.
  5. Disaster Recovery - Those in charge of recovery after initial response to a disaster. Examples include medical, damage assessment, disaster shelter coordination and management.

How to apply

To request WPS, follow these steps:

  1. Identify a WPS Point of Contact (POC) who will manage your WPS account. To find your POC, e-mail the National Communications System (NCS) at or call 1-866-NCS-CALL.
  2. The POC will screen WPS applicants based on FCC criteria and then complete an online application.
  3. The NCS will review the request, approve or disapprove, and notify the requesting organization.
  4. The NCS will process the service request to Southern Linc to add the WPS feature.

If you plan to switch your WPS from another carrier to Southern Linc, your WPS Point of Contact needs to submit a change request online, whether you are transferring your existing number or obtaining a new number. WPS carriers cannot accept a direct request to add WPS to your account. If WPS is available in your service area, first set up your basic service with Southern Linc and then have your POC request the WPS record be updated online to reflect Southern Linc as your WPS provider. Your new Southern Linc account will then have WPS added to it.

What it costs

Just $10 per line adds *272 service to your plan. After that, it's just $0.75 per minute when using *272. It's a small price to pay for your security and the security of those you serve.