Consumer Code


The Southern Linc Consumer Protection Practices for Wireless Service includes:

  • Disclosure of Rates and Terms of Service to Consumers
  • Making Available Maps Showing Where Service is Generally Available
  • Providing Contract Terms to Customers and Confirm Changes in Service
  • Allowing a 15-Day Trial Period for New Service
  • Providing Specific Disclosure in Advertising
  • Separately Identifying Carrier Charges from Taxes on Billing Statements
  • Providing Customers the Right to Terminate Service for Changes to Contract Terms
  • Providing Ready Access to Customer Service
  • Promptly Responding to Consumer Inquires and Complaints Received from Government Agencies
  • Abiding by Policies for Protection of Customer Privacy, including CPNI
  • Providing Consumers Free Usage Notifications for Voice, Data and Messaging Usage
  • Abiding by the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act