Frequently Asked Questions about Southern Linc

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What is Southern Linc?

Southern Linc connects people and information. Our wireless communications service combines multiple communications options into one device, including Push-to-Talk 2-way radio, phone service, paging and wireless data.

Where does Southern Linc do business?

Southern Linc offers 128,000 square miles of cell phone service coverage in both major metro and rural areas in Georgia, Alabama, southeast Mississippi and northwest Florida.

What does "LINC" stand for?

"LINC" stands for Long-range Integrated Network Communications. Southern Linc' network runs on Motorola's fully digital iDEN technology. As an iDEN carrier, Southern Linc' customers benefit from increased privacy and clarity, as well as multiple communications options in one device.

What are the benefits of Southern Linc?

  • Convenience and Mobility

    We offer multiple communications options in one device and provide access to information from the road. Our customers have the freedom to do business away from the office.

  • Cost-Effective

    Southern Linc is more cost-effective than using several separate communication devices. In the past, our customers might have carried a separate phone, two-way radio and pager, along with paying separate bills for each service.

  • Security and Privacy

    The iDEN network ensures private communication.

  • Productivity and Efficiency

    Southern Linc offers communication and wireless data services that improve business productivity. With instant access to your mobile work force you can increase efficiency and improve customer service.

What are Wireless Internet and Wireless Data?

Southern Linc was the first iDEN carrier to launch wireless Internet services. Our suite of Wireless Data Access and Internet applications allows users to send and receive e-mail, access business information from the Internet, track the location of vehicles and re-route job orders to take advantage of changing employee availability and location.

Our technology is based on a packet data solution that means you are always connected, so there's no waiting to dial up and log on.

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  • Fleet Management - track the location, speed and direction of company vehicles for improved customer service and driver security.

When was Southern Linc established?

Southern Linc, the wireless communications service from Southern Company, launched commercially in February 1996. Southern Linc was designed to meet the needs of mobile businesses and Southern Company's five operating companies with reliable, wide-area wireless communications.

Is Southern Linc publicly traded?

No. Southern Linc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE:SO), one of the largest producers of electricity in the United States.

Who are Southern Linc' customers?

We currently serve customers that operate in virtually every industry, including service and sales forces, construction/contracting, emergency services/public safety, governmental services, forestry, public utilities and transportation.

Southern Linc customers are businesses with mobile work forces that need to conduct a significant amount of internal communication or require ongoing communication with the same business partners or suppliers.

Is your service reliable?

Yes. To meet the needs of businesses, public safety agencies and Southern Company's five operating companies, we built in redundancies, power backups and security features designed to ensure the most reliable communications even under the worst weather conditions. Since its launch, Southern Linc has withstood severe weather conditions during Hurricanes Erin, Opal, Danny, Floyd and Katrina.

How do I get more information?

Call 1-800-818-LINC (5462)