SouthernLINC Wireless

Instant Communication with PTT Radio Technology

Push To Talk (PTT) private 2-way radio technology enables you to communicate with individuals or groups across the SouthernLINC Wireless Regional Service Area at the push of a button. PTT is faster and easier than phone calls or email for rapid-fire communication. Talk to an entire work team with GroupTALK without making multiple calls, sending a group text, or email. You can even communicate with work teams in remote areas with LINCaround™ off-network PTT. Certain model phones offer advanced features including Multi-Simultaneous Talk Groups, Emergency Talk Group, Status Messaging and Isolated Site Operation, valuable tools for field personnel.

network reliability & security

Since day one, SouthernLINC Wireless built in redundancies, power back-ups and security features designed to deliver consistent communications, even during severe weather conditions. The SouthernLINC Wireless iDEN network is built to weather-grade specifications, including reinforced cell sites designed to withstand winds up to 120 mph along the coast and heavy rain and ice loads in the northern part of its footprint. The company has a proven track record of providing reliable communications during and after several major tornadoes and hurricanes, including Erin, Opal, Ivan and Katrina. You can feel good about private information staying private, too. There is no known scanner that can intercept communications over the SouthernLINC Wireless network – a critical factor for many customers who must transmit confidential information using their SouthernLINC Wireless devices.

Regional and Nationwide High-Speed Data and Voice Services

SouthernLINC Wireless offers a variety of voice and data services, including iDEN PTT, cell, messaging and packet data along with nationwide high-speed data, nationwide voice and 3G PTT service. Within our Regional Service Area that spans Alabama, Georgia, northwest Florida and southeast Mississippi, our customers communicate on our highly-reliable iDEN network. Outside our Regional Service Area, our carrier partner networks enable communications in and from hundreds of cities across the U.S.

hard-working equipment

SouthernLINC Wireless utilizes Motorola’s Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) technology to combine communications services that previously required several devices. The SouthernLINC Wireless portfolio of phones offers something for everyone, and many “rugged” handsets meet military specifications. Rugged models, such as the one-watt Motorola r765 or the intrinsically safe Motorola i365IS, are built to withstand tough conditions for industries such as public safety, construction and utilities.

solid company

SouthernLINC Wireless is a wireless communications network backed by the strength and reliability of Southern Company - the parent company of four electric utilities in the Southeast: Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power and Mississippi Power, which are also SouthernLINC Wireless customers. In addition, SouthernLINC Wireless provides reliable wireless communications services to a wide range of businesses and consumers within our 127,000 square-mile coverage area that includes Alabama, Georgia, southeastern Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle.