Benefits you can count on.

You'll appreciate the experience our mission critical MCPTT service offers you:

  • Southern Linc is the first U.S. carrier to offer public-sector-grade PTT service on a public LTE network.
  • Linc MCPTT service meets the mission critical specifications of 3GPP, the international standards body that creates technical specifications for cellular communications.
  • Linc MCPTT is AES 256 encrypted, and when used on Southern Linc's CriticalLinc network, it is highly reliable and secure.

Your team is all in one place. No matter where they go.

With one single app, Linc MCPTT enables you to make private two-way radio calls, custom and large group radio calls and priority talk group calls anytime, anywhere. You can customize your experience however you like it, all with the highest degree of privacy and reliability.

The simple user experience enables you to access and customize Contacts, Groups and Settings all within the app. Helpful features include color indicators to show when Contacts and Groups are online or offline, voice recording on the device and multiple Group monitoring.

Plus, you can customize a variety of settings like One Touch PTT and app notification tones to your individual preferences.

Customize your experience with new MCPTT features.

Linc MCPTT offers new capabilities that can help streamline Group conversations.

  • Priority Talk Groups

    You can select up to 7 Priority Groups to monitor, so you can join in PTT conversations when a call from any of those Groups is initiated.

  • Calls to Personal Groups

    You can create your own talk groups among users in your Contacts list for a single PTT call (an ad hoc group) or save the group for future use.

  • Call Alert

    You can send a PTT call alert to a Contact or Group, who can either accept the alert and start a PTT call or dismiss the alert.

  • Console Service

    Wireless dispatch console service for PC or laptop is available with the Linc MCPTT Dispatcher app, enabling easy management of multiple PTT group and individual calls.

Linc MCPTT two-way radio app available for smartphones from any carrier

The Linc MCPTT smartphone app lets users talk via private or group radio across Southern Linc's CriticalLinc network or wherever Wi-Fi is available. The application can be downloaded to smartphones with Android 6.0 or iOS 10 or newer operating systems.

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