Silent Passenger Fleet Management Solutions

Silent Passenger Fleet Management Solutions brings state-of-the-art vehicle location services to your fleet.

The Silent Passenger fleet management system is a powerful resource that utilizes GPS and wireless technology to enhance the management of vehicles and drivers. The Silent Passenger system can be integrated into fleet equipment with the Sierra Wireless GNX-6 tracking device or it can be used on our Sonim XP5s and XP8 handsets.

Two Service Options:

Silent Passenger Go

Silent Passenger Go (SP Go) is a web-based fleet management service offering the essentials in mobile resource management:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Detailed map
  • Speed and stop time alerts
  • Geo-fencing and landmark alerts
  • Real-time traffic w/ETA's
  • Detailed reporting
Silent Passenger Pro

Silent Passenger Pro (SP Pro) provides all of the SP Go features plus important additions:

  • SP Diagnostics: Vehicle diagnostics (in conjunction with GNX-6 hard mount vehicle module)
  • Fleet performance dashboards
  • Vehicle maintenance module
  • Split-screen functionality
  • SP Safety: Fleet configurable driver scorecards
  • SP Fuel: Fuel usage reporting via fuel card integration
  • SP Connect: Integration Module (API)

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Feature Silent Passenger Go Silent Passenger Pro
GPS Location Tracking Included Included
Detailed Maps Included Included
Landmarks Included Included
Closest To Included Included
Reports Included Included
Alerts Included Included
Satellite Maps Included Included
Hardmount Tracking Included Included
Geofencing Included Included
Polygon/Free Form Geofencing Included Included
IFTA State Mileage Fleet Compliance Reporting Included Included
RealTime Traffic w/ETA's Included Included
90 Days of Asset Activity Location Reporting Included Included
13 months of Asset Activity Location Reporting Not Included Included
24/7 Support Not Included Included
Fleet Performance Dashboards Not Included Included
Vehicle Maintenance Module Not Included Included
Advance Mobile Apps (Android, IOS) Not Included Included
Split Screen Functionality (up to 6 on screen) Not Included Included
OBDII/JB Diagnostics Not Included Included
Vehicle Diagnostics Not Included Included
Fleet Configurable Driver Scorecards Not Included Included
Fuel Usage Reporting via Fuel Card Integration Optional Included (SP Fuel)
API/Web service data integrations Optional Included (SP Connect)

Additional Options:

Open Book Icon
SP Logbook©
SP Logbook allows you to meet the requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Safety Administration and manages Hours of Service (HOS) for your fleet drivers by combining the status of the driver from the SP Logbook Android-based mobile application with the required vehicle data. Drivers using the SP Logbook receive a simple Hours of Service (HOS) solution that will automatically record their hours on the app. The app will also communicate with the Silent Passenger web application, providing alerts, reports, and logs to your dispatch and operations staff in the office.
Delivery Truck Icon
SP Driver Inspection Reporting
Driver vehicle inspection reporting in Silent Passenger makes it easy to keep track of the inspection dates for all your assets.
Speedometer Icon
SP Speed
This feature provides alerts and reporting for fleet vehicles traveling at speeds over posted limits or a set MPH threshold.
Gas Pump Icon
SP Fuel Management
With SP Fuel Management, your company can gain more efficient use of fuel through consumption tracking and real-time reporting of consumption and fuel purchases.
Caution Triangle - Accessory Monitoring Icon
SP Accessory Monitoring
Silent Passenger supports a myriad of different device options, which are configurable for your specific fleet needs. With options including vehicle accessory monitoring - monitor your fleet utilization like never before. Using sensors that seamlessly integrate to onboard vehicle equipment, for example, power take-off (PTO) equipment, generators, doors or other accessories on your vehicle. Receive alerts and reports on utilization of these accessories to ensure proper utilization and maintenance schedules are followed as well.
Temperature Gauge Icon
SP Temperature Management
Highly sensitive temperature probes can be installed in your vehicles, integrating with Silent Passenger software to assure precise temperature control. Silent Passenger Temperature technology is particularly beneficial in deliveries of such goods as foods and beverages where the cold chain must be maintained - providing continuous monitoring and control to avoid expensive spoilage while also minimizing cross contamination and maximizing the productivity of shipping logistics such as merge-in transit.
Routing Line Icon
SP Routing
Use SP Routing to build and optimize routes for your fleet. This module lets you pen jobs on a map and build routes for all your vehicles.
Eye Quick View Icon
SP Quick View©
Enhance your relationships with customers by providing them with the ability to temporarily access and share certain aspects of Silent Passenger. For example, enable customers to instantly view where your vehicle is in real time. Silent Passenger Quick View can be customized for each customer to grant or restrict access to such data as vehicle routes, ETA and driver information - keeping your customers continually informed.
Driver Identification Card Icon
SP Driver Identification
SP Driver Identification can help your company prevent the unauthorized use of fleet vehicles. This module allowed to trach when your drivers clock in and who is driving the vehicle. It is an easy way to administer driver timesheets.