Government Solutions

The highly reliable, weather-grade network from Southern Linc is an ideal choice for government agencies and first responders. Our Push To Talk (PTT) private 2-way radio technology provides the best PTT solution available. And, public sector customers have the opportunity to take advantage of the highest level of PTT (dispatch) trunking which gives priority queuing across the network in an emergency. Whatever branch, department or division you need to keep in touch with, Southern Linc can keep you connected.

The CriticalLinc™ network brings new reliability

Southern Linc has long been the network provider customers have counted on for reliability. With a history of successfully weathering significant emergency events and natural disasters, we are committed to continuing our superior record of reliability with our CriticalLinc LTE Advanced network. To strengthen the reliability of the network, emergency power backups have been deployed at key cell sites. To further safeguard the network, redundant core data centers and redundant power for the data centers have been constructed as well.

To complement this infrastructure, an experienced emergency response team equipped with state-of-the art network management tools is on hand to manage network performance during serious weather or emergency events.

For details on how Southern Linc can help your agency, please call 1-800-818-LINC (5462) or contact us online.